Pictures Are Worth 1,000 Words. Videos Are Worth Thousands More

Following years of development, Legacy Biographies – a Cleveland, Ohio-based media production company – was founded in 2015 by Alexis and Mariana Edelman, an Argentine couple who settled in Northeast Ohio to build their careers, establish a new home and raise their family.

Legacy Biographies is a full service firm that includes producers, directors, designers, videographers, editors and photographers. All of who were handpicked to ensure the finished product reflects and illuminates the stories and experiences that build and reinforce family foundations.

Legacy Biographies came to fruition after Alexis, a marketing and development executive, and Mariana, a graphic designer and photographer, produced a handful of their own family documentaries. These initial productions laid out their values, culture and heritage that connect their twin daughters, Olivia and Daniella, to their family roots.

“We would like Legacy Biographies to transfer a wealth of knowledge, family values and ethics from one generation to the next. We have the tools. Let’s use them together to create a fully customized finished product that tells your story.”
-Alexis and Mariana Edelman

The Edelmans are active members of the Association of Personal Historians, and are eager to let your legacy live on. Contact them today!

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